Effective prophylaxis

Individual prophylaxis keeps your teeth and gums healthy, especially when there is an increased risk of tooth decay and periodontitis.

We offer

  • professional dental cleaning
  • a well-founded oral hygiene programme
  • fluoride therapy
  • dental sealants

As well as our proven “tooth brushing school” for children.

Dr. Vera Leisentritt - Prophylaxis - Periodontitis

Periodontitis diagnostics and therapy

Based on a saliva analysis to determine potential bacteria in the mouth, we check the health of periodontium (the tissues that surround and support the teeth), the gums and how loose any teeth may have become. If necessary, we offer a comprehensive treatment.

Dr. Vera Leisentritt - Prophylaxis - Bleaching


When teeth change in colour, we differentiate between external stains and internal changes. External stains are removed by professional dental cleaning. Internal colour changes are treated in the whitening process. The success is immediately visible.

We use a gentle method that does not affect the tooth enamel.