Cosmetic Dentistry

It is amazing how much the beauty of a face depends on regular, beautiful teeth. And the scope of cosmetic dentistry is equally amazing.

Dr. Vera Leisentritt - Dentistry - Veneers


Veneers are extremely thin ceramic shells fixed onto your own teeth. The tooth or the complete row is only slightly shaved off, so that hardly any tooth substance is lost. The difference is astounding. Despite their fine surfaces, veneers are extremely robust and durable. They are created in our highly experienced and specialised partner laboratories.

Dr. Vera Leisentritt - Dentistry - Composites

Composite fillings

These composite fillings are made from plastic-ceramic composites created in an extensive layering technique.

The great advantage: they leave the healthy substance of your teeth untouched and thus treat your teeth more carefully than all other methods. Tooth by tooth, the rows will gain a very natural look.

Dr. Vera Leisentritt - Dentistry - Inlays

Inlays, crowns and bridges

Larger problems require full-ceramic inlays. They normally look exactly like your own tooth, are durable, and offer perfect aesthetics.

Thanks to a revolutionary technology (Cerec 3D), some inlays can be made and fitted directly, without needing a temporary solution.

Dr. Vera Leisentritt - Dentistry - Gums

Regulation of the gums

The gum line also has a substantial effect on the way you look. It can be modelled according to your needs. It is often remarkable to see how optimising your gums can support the general impression of a beautiful mouth.

Dr. Vera Leisentritt - Dentistry - Regulation

Correcting teeth

More and more adults decide to have their teeth corrected. Modern orthodontics range from almost invisible plastic dental aligners to fixed metal or transparent ceramic braces, all with maximum comfort. In cooperation with an orthodontist, greater irregularities can thus be perfectly corrected.