Individual dental preservation and dental prosthesis

Dr. Vera Leisentritt - Preservation

Dental preservation

Modern surgery techniques and new filling materials allow us to preserve your teeth for a very long time. The Practice for Cosmetic Dentistry applies state-of-the-art technology for this purpose. Preserving the teeth is at the forefront of our actions. No replacement is as good as the original.

When we are planning gentle oral surgery, we work closely with orthodontists as well as implant specialists, oral and facial surgeons.

Dr. Vera Leisentritt - Preservation - Implants

Safe implants

Dental implants are the most natural replacement for missing teeth. They allow us to make replacements without damaging adjacent teeth.

Dr. Vera Leisentritt - Preservation - Dentures

Individual dentures

It is of paramount importance that the dental prosthesis (denture) treatment corresponds exactly to the needs of the patient. The Practice for Cosmetic Dentistry will develop a tailor-made, individual solution for you.

Dr. Vera Leisentritt - Preservation - Materials

Materials and colours

Our partner laboratories guarantee correct, individual colours that match your teeth and ensure world-class quality. This refers to functionality, durability, fit and aesthetics to suit you. Colour, shades and shape perfectly imitate the natural tooth.